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Yukatel GmbH

is an innovative company with a focus abroad. Located in Offenbach, the company has its own office complex with over 1,000 square meters including a warehouse and service/repair center. Founded in 1995, Yukatel is still operated by its founder, Yusuf Karatas, who manages the company, which currently reaches an annual turnover of approximately 200 million euros.

The company's core competencies lie within the international distribution of mobile phones of all well-known manufacturers. The company currently employs 40 qualified persons at home and abroad, who ensure the best support for all customers. Consistently investing in improving customer support means always being able to adapt to the market's needs. The Yukatel brand has successfully established itself on the market.

In order to expand further over the last years, the company has developed new areas of business in the M2M sector. One particularly successful development has been the brand, routecontrol (, which involves GPS-supported vehicle tracking and telematics. Also noteworthy is the M2M SIM card provider, M2M Allnet (

Our certified quality management system establishes trust in our company and its products for every customer. And thanks to our structured processing methods we are able to react faster and more flexibly to customer needs than many of our competitors. Minute process flow descriptions are carried out for improvements, data reporting and restructing so that decisions can be reached faster, more precisely and to the client's advantage.  

The company's excellent knowledge of the market and ability to react flexibly to new trends makes it possible for us to combine high quality products with low-priced deals. With the range of products we offer, our focus is strictly on the customer's desires, and thanks to a high volume of puchases and sales, we are able to achieve quite attractive pricing structures, which are advantageous as well. 

For safe and fast order processing we use state-of-the-art technology. In addition, we work closely together with the market leaders in the logistics industry in order to meet the required delivery dates. 

These core competencies are the result of many years of experience in the mobile communications sector and the personal support of our customers. They lie in strong service orientation and are based on individual, customized solution concepts. 

Thus creating an extensive network in German-speaking countries, the EU, Asia and North America, where sales, service and consultation are all available from a single source. 
Our corporate philosophy is expert advice, delivery service and service presence. Try us out. 

Yours sincerely,

Yusuf Karatas

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