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We'll put it all back together again!

Iphone Reparatur, Smartphone Reparatur, Ipad Reparatur, Tablet Reparatur

Water damage? Or are you experiencing other problems with your mobile, smartphone or tablet? Regardless of the problem or damage to your mobile, smartphone or tablet, we'll have it fixed up in no time! Our years of experience repairing smartphones means that when it comes to problems, defects or damages to your smartphone, tablet or GPS device, we're always at your side. 

Our on-site assistance generally has you and your device up and running again in less than 24 hours.

Our excellent smartphone repair service comes at a fair price. And because we always use replacement parts that are tested and of the highest quality, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Most repairs involve replacing defective parts or simply updating the software, so time-intensive things like soldering and so on are rarely necessary. That means your device can generally be fixed and ready within 1-2 hours. We promise that our top-quality replacement parts will meet with your approval!  

  • Immediate repair service at no additional cost 
  • Fair prices
  • Transparency

Give us a call any time you like. No commitment is necessary. We'll answer any questions you have to the best of our knowledge. 



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